Installing Apache Tomcat Native on Linux Ubuntu 12.04

Linux: Ubuntu 12.04 x64

First, I tried to install tomcat's native library in a standard way using apt-get

On startup Tomcat version 7.0.39 gave me an error saying that:
Installed version 1.1.22 is not suitable and at least version 1.1.24 is needed.

Then I downloaded source files for Tomcat Native version 1.1.27 and compiled into fresh Ubuntu 12.04
Steps used:

1. Install compiler

2. Install openssl and development libraries

3. Install the APR package (Downloaded from

You should see the compiled file as

4. Download, compile and install Tomcat Native source package tomcat-native-1.1.27-src.tar.gz

Extract the archive into some folder

Now I have compiled Tomcat Native library in /usr/local/apr/ and symbolic link file /usr/local/apr/ pointed to the library

5. Create or edit the $CATALINA_HOME/bin/ file with following line:

6. Restart tomcat and enjoy the desired result: